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Blue Like Jazz Trailer

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Hey, I saw the movie last night – loved it. Lots of great actors in it. Marshall Allman plays Donald Miller, he’s been in stuff like True Blood and Mad Men, Tania Raymonde plays Don’s lesbian college friend, she’s most recognizable to me from LOST (Alex Rousseau).

Blue Like Jazz follows Don, a nineteen-year-old sophomore at a Texas junior college. Don tries to escape his big Texas Bible Belt upbringing for life in the Pacific Northwest at the most godless campus in America, Reed University (a real place AND where the author actually went to school).

Listening to the director Steve Taylor talk about the film last night, he made an interesting comment. He said, “I don’t know why this story has never been told before.” And I think he’s right. After the movie, my wife and I counted the number of people in our own life who have had this experience; raised tightly Christian, went away to college to find “meaning” and got spat out on the other side of God and faith.

Blue Like Jazz is very much an indie film, it’s a thinking film and it’s a film with a lot of heart and spirit. Highly Recommended.

Blue Like Jazz opens April 13

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