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Is homosexuality idolatry?

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There are times I speak out way to often against the “gay agenda.” I really have nothing against gay people in general, I used to work at Disneyland, so most of my friends were gay, and many of those people I still call friends. But there is also something that I call the “gay agenda.” It’s this distorted idea that their voice is large, so their community is large. But the gay community is only between 2% and 8% roughly the same amount of people that make a TV show a “hit” or the number of people who ate Thanksgiving in a restaurant this last year.

This blog comes up because I recently saw one of those “arguments” that called Christians “sexist, xenophobic, chauvinistic, and judgmental.”  And that if Christians don’t come around the rest of “culture” will “advance” without them.

And I guess it is only natural for a smaller community who feels attacked by a larger community to attack back using much of the same hateful and hurtful language, but this so called “chart” is just another example of the “gay agenda” that sends an incorrect and fictional image out into the world.

First of all, the title… “So you still think homosexuality is a sin.”

I get asked similar questions all of the time. “Do you think ____ is a sin.” And this is where I have to stop them. “Do I think?” No, I don’t think. If sin were up to me, there would be lots of permissible things. Luckily it’s not up to me (or you). Can you imagine if we all just did what we felt? “Culture” and “society” only advances by our collective adherence to our group understandings of morality and decency and order.

So, the question should be “Do you think  the bible says homosexuality is a sin?” Because that is the “proof text” the chart uses for its support. Sadly, this “chart” only proves the creator is knowledgeable at making charts and perhaps has a mediocre grasp of design, but has little to no understanding of the bible.

Do I blame the creator of the chart? No, I blame Christians.

For too long Christians have used the wrong reasons and the wrong scripture texts for why homosexuality is a sin. First of all, being “gay” is not a sin. Loving another person, same sex or otherwise is not a sin. All love is from God, because God is love, and so if love is involved then so is God. Love can not be present without God.

What is a sin is homosexual sex.

Not all gay people are in sexual relationships, many gay people live lives with long periods of abstinence. And so I would say as long as a gay person is not having sex, or watching pornography and in control of lustful thoughts, they are not sinners. And this is the same standard I would give a straight person. If they are not married, then they should not engage in sex, pornography or lustful thoughts. This is what the bible describes as “sexual immortality.” And there are many many verses about this topic in both the old and New Testaments.

Did Jesus speak against sexual immorality? Yes, with the woman caught in adultery. Basically the story of a couple having sex outside of the marriage bed, she is brought to Jesus to be killed and he tells the crowd (in a nutshell) “whoever isn’t guilty of sin is free to kill her.” Of course, nobody lays a hand on her, and then he tells the woman “I do not condemn you, go and sin no more.”

Does Jesus condemn homosexuals for sexual sin? No

Does he want them to remain in sexual sin? No.

Gay or straight, the bible is equal to both, sex outside of marriage is a sin. Does the bible have examples of polygamy? Yes. Does the bible have other examples of poor marriages? Absolutely. But those are not “examples” to live by. The bible understands that we live in a fallen and broken world and that things arn’t always peachy keen, but we can’t use the “bad examples” and say, “See! It’s in the bible!” So what? You have to read the bible in context. “Proof texting” is poor study and all it shows is your ignorance of the text.

Genesis 2:24 says, Therefore a man shall leave his father and his mother and hold fast to his wife, and they shall become one flesh.

Now here is the beginning of our point. Notice God says man and woman will become one flesh. This word “one” is the word “echad” in Hebrew. This is an important word.

It’s an important word because it’s the same word used in the Shema, the Hebrew prayer from Deuteronomy, “Hear, O Israel: The Lord our God, the Lord is one.” God is one. It’s the same word “echad.” Why is it important that God is one? Well, because the bible teaches that God is plural. He exists as a masculine in the Father, he exists as a human in Jesus the Messiah and he exists as Spirit. But God is not 3 separate entities.

God is not 3 minds, or 3 distinctions – God is one. God is echad.

Now, here is where your brain is going to implode a little… when the bible mentions the Spirit of God, the word is “ruach” in Hebrew and the word “Pnuma” in Greek. These words are both feminine.

God is “one” and he is both masculine and feminine. We know this is true because if we go back to the Adam and Eve story in Genesis.

Gen 1:27, So God created man in his own image, in the image of God he created him; male and female he created them.

God creates man and woman in his own image. This means man is made in the image of God and woman is made in the image of God, because God has characteristics of both.

So follow this…

When and a man come together in “sex” they are “one” just as God is “one.” It is only when a man and a woman are together that they create the completed image of God.

Alone a man can not be “one” in the image of God, because he is missing the female.

Alone a female can not be “one” in the image of God, because she is missing the male.

We see this also in the Genesis story,

Genesis 2:18 says, Then the Lord God said, “It is not good that the man should be alone; I will make him a helper fit for him.”

The man was alone, he was an incomplete image of God, he was not “echad;” and God says he will make a “helper fit for him.” And what God does is he creates a new person – who has never been made before – and creates woman. A person who “completes” the man so that when the two are brought together it becomes good in the ideas of God.

Adam says in verse 23, “This at last is bone of my bones and flesh of my flesh; she shall be called Woman, because she was taken out of Man.” The idea here is that man and woman are connected, they are part of each other.

And then the first command of the bible is Gen 1:28, “Be fruitful and multiply and fill the earth and subdue it.” The only way to multiply is to have a man and woman come together as one. Two men can’t procreate in sexual relations and neither can two women. Why? Because homosexuality is incomplete. Homosexuality is an inferior image of God. Natural sex is a man and woman in relations for procreation (and fun).

Yes, homosexuality occurs amongst animals, but again it’s not natural sex. It does not lead to procreation. Even to jump back to the chart for just a second, in order for “culture” to “advance” we need people to procreate. What is good for one person, has to be good for the sake of all. Would it be a good thing if every person became a practicing gay in a committed relationship?  No, because the human race would die out.

Of course that argument is a distorted extreme and would never happen, but it helps to take some issues to the edge to see them from a vantage point other than our own.

Going back to the chart; Yes the Old Testament says it’s wrong to eat shellfish and to wear clothes of varying fibers, and true, we don’t follow those rules because the “law” was done away with in the New Covenant with Jesus. But the law still exists to “point out” what is sin. It’s the marker to show where we have fallen.

The law illuminates our sin, it shows us our guilt and where we have missed God’s plan for our lives – and then Christ redeems us, and sets us free from the law. After Christ, we are no longer bound by the law.

Yes, the New Testament talks about homosexuality in a way that is different than what we experience today as homosexuality. But we could make that same argument for any aspect of life. All of society is different today. But we can’t ignore the verses about sexual immorality that apply to us all both gay and straight. Regardless of whether homosexuality is “named” or “identified” is not the point and pulling aside a few verses to try to turn the tide against the meta-narrative of scripture doesn’t hold water.

I also know Gay people who read the bible and study it to find the truth. They don’t buy into the gay agenda either and have sought to find out for themselves what the bible really says. It’s funny how we understand that “you shouldn’t believe everything you read on the internet” but as soon as someone speaks against the same things we speak against, or speaks for the things we are for – we forget that rule and we raise our fists along side of them.

One of the 10 commandments is a command against idolatry. It’s the idea that we can make an image of God to worship that is not actually God. It’ s like being in love with a photograph of a person that is not your spouse. You love the person in the picture, worship the picture and kiss the picture, but your actual spouse is ignored.

The Bible calls this blasphemy and an abomination.

Why? Because it is not the image of God.

The bottom line is, homosexual sex is idolatry.

Sex was designed to bring the two “image bearers of God” together in echad.

Together as one.

Just as God is one.

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3 Responses

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  1. Alberto Medrano says

    I like what you said here about homosexuality in itself isn’t a sin but it’s the homosexual sin. I tried explaining to a couple of my friends and they seemed to have a hard time with it. I think many conservative Christians get a little to focused on the orientation part instead of the practicing part.

    I think once most Christians can accept that difference we can move on from making ourselves look judgmental.

    As for the gay agenda, I’m afraid it will always be here until something changes. Not sure exactly what.

    The entertainment industry seems to always project that the gay community makes up a good percentage, let’s say 15%, of the population. Funny thing is, I live in the SF bay area, and where I work, a place of 20 something employees, no one is gay. But, other factors could be affecting that. Point is, they make up a small percentage.

  2. David says

    I like what you said, all good points and to be fair, there is also a “Christian agenda.”

  3. Don Wood says

    Hello, David, doesn’t look like your site has had much activity since 2012, but here I go. I appreciated your article very much. You have a theory I will have to think about, echad and rauch with pnuma. Very interesting. you close by saying that homosexual sex is idolatry, and I couldn’t agree with you more: Col 3:5 “Put to death, therefore, whatever belongs to your earthly nature: sexual immorality, impurity, lust, evil desires and covetousness [wanting what was never ours to begin with], which is idolatry.” I changed “greed” to “covetousness” which I personally like better as a better word. But I’m curious why you didn’t use Col 3:5? I’m working with either a homosexual or one who has taken up their arguments that you mention in your article and in the “chart” which I had never seen.

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