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Did Jesus Really Rise From The Dead?

I never thought as a pastor I would end up reading a book by the author of more than 200 scientific papers and the editor of three textbooks on surgical physiology. Thomas A. Miller, MD has had a distinguished career in surgery spanning more than 35 years and he currently is Professor of Surgery at Virginia Commonwealth University in Richmond.

His book, Did Jesus Really Rise from the Dead is a wonderful look at the crucifixion and resurrection of Jesus Christ from the perspective of a modern day surgeon. Miller argues that many people might believe that Jesus was a man who actually walked the earth, but do they actually understand what it means to say that someone was crucified, dead and buried and then 3 days later came back to life?

Even before beginning his argument, Miller asks whether the bible can be trusted as a historical source or whether credible scientists today would even consider a resurrection possible. Chapter by chapter, Miller takes the reader through the events of the final hours on the cross and overlays his scientific mind to what transpires.

This is a wonderful book that I highly recommend for pastors, apologeticists or anyone who is looking for a more scientific approach to the cross. Each chapter is packed with real scientific data, and sometimes even detailed medical pictures that help the reader see not only the existing evidence, but the physical process of Christ’s crucifixion.

Miller’s book is barely 170 pages and it isn’t hard to follow or read. Miller has a wonderful writing voice that makes this book a terrific find. I highly recommend this book.

Thank you to Crossway publishing for providing me with a review copy.


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