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Talking about God with Rob Bell

Love Wins was an explosive international best seller that certainly generated a lot of media attention for author Rob Bell.  Well now, almost a year later, Rob is releasing a new book. “What we talk about when we talk about God.” Again, Rob is using his evocative story telling to challenge the way we think and talk about God.

Today it’s not uncommon to hear God described as being illogical and at odds with the frontiers of science, and the flips-side of that is – science becomes something that Christians fear.  Rob devotes an entire chapter in his book book to this idea and he argues that science in no way challenges the existence of God. Instead, science reveals how wondrous and miraculous and divine our world really is with God in it.

Today God can also be described like an abusive parent. In some parts of the bible, God comes across as being very mean and cranky and many people live in fear of God’s judgement. But Bell argues, the whole point of the gospel was to rescue us from fear and to release us as beings who are fully alive. Jesus came to show people how to open up to all of the good things God has created.

Today, God can also be described as primitive and backward, kind of like an Oldsmobile. Remember Oldsmobile? It was a car that was great in its day, but certainly it’s “time” has passed. Rob argues that some people place God in the past, or the need “for a God” somewhere in the past and that God is somehow behind us and that we as a society are marching on ahead. In his book, Rob compellingly argues that God is not “left behind” but is actually out ahead of us, pulling us forward into lives of greater fullness and vitality. God isn’t in the past, he is both with us and for us today – and knowing this should change the entire course of our lives. And it should certainly change how we talk about God.

In his new book, Rob Bell does for the concept of God what he did for heaven and hell in his book Love Wins: Bell shows how traditional ideas have grown stale and dysfunctional and how we can all return vitality and vibrancy to our lives of faith.

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Thank you to Harper One for a free review copy in exchange for a fair and honest review.

Are you looking forward to this book release? Comment below.


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