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Raising Respectful Children

Jill Rigby Garner is a character education and parenting expert, a nonprofit founder and a dynamic speaker. On top of all that, she is an award-winning author, and the publisher of character education programs. Jill is also the CEO of Manners of the Heart – a nonprofit organization dedicated to transforming  homes, schools, and communities through our character education programs,  curricula, workshops, and parenting books.

Jill’s latest book; Raising Respectful Children in a Disrespectful World teaches the benefits of “character-centered parenting.” This parenting style focuses on the child’s character  - who you want them to be – and less on the child’s comfort.

This style of parenting seems to be found less and less in the world. Many children either get raised in homes where the parents put themselves first and the children get “scraps” and “left overs” from parenting, or the exact opposite, wherein the parents build their entire lives around the kids, spoiling them with gifts and only offering light to almost non-existent punishment.

Miss Garner argues for parents who not only establish real rules and guidelines in the home – but who also have consequences when those rules are broken. She offers that the best thing you can “give” your child is your time.

But this book is valuable for another reason because it takes a look at the culture our children are being raised in. Much of media targeting adults and children centers on creating an unsatisfied spirit. I know much of my own child’s frustration and tears stem from unfulfilled expectations. The world is telling your children what they need to be happy, but the reality is – YOU should be telling your children what they need. And the bottom line is – they need parents who love them.

Miss Garner is a Christian and this book is published from a Christian publisher, so know if you decide to read it, you will be introduced to scripture and Christian ideology. The good news is, I think this is a book for everyone – of all faiths – the author does not beat you over the head with the bible, she merely uses it to support her points.

This is a fast read and well recommended for those looking to learn a little more about raising children.

Thank you to Howard books for a review copy of this title for a fair and honest review.


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