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10 Days Without

10 Days Without by Daniel Day is an experiment much in the way “The Year of Living Biblically” by A.J. Jacobs was an experiment. Reading this book felt a lot like watching a documentary from Morgan Spurlock. Day gives himself 8 challenges to help raise awareness for global concerns. During those challenges he goes 10 days without a specific thing (in the instance of going without walking, Day used a wheel chair for 10 days) in order to teach himself the discomfort that most of us never experience and to help raise awareness for some of these global issues.

Challenge #1 – to go without shoes to raise awareness for heart disease.

Challenge #2 – to go without a coat to raise awareness for homelessness.

Challenge #3 – to go without media to raise awareness for life’s distractions.

Challenge #4 – to go without furniture to raise awareness for poverty.

Challenge #5 – to go without walking to raise awareness for disabilities.

Challenge #6 – to go without waste to raise awareness for the environment.

Challenge #7 – to go without speaking to raise awareness for slavery.

Challenge #8 – to go without human touch to raise awareness for those who are considered beneath us.

As Day went through each of these experiments, he blogged and raised support for each of these global concerns. From reading the book, I would assume much of the book was comprised on his blog content – it is a quick read and Day has a easy to follow voice.

If at the end of reading each challenge, the reader decides to do something similar, Day offers his own advice, web links and charities he recommends.

This book was provided by Waterbrook Multnomah for an unbiased review.

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