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There’s a guy here taking pictures, we asked him to come












I was meeting with a bride the other day and she reminded me of something that I thought was very important. It’s the idea of cell phones at weddings. ¬†You might not remember this, but…. a long time ago there were no cell phones with cameras. It was a magical year called 1999. Yeap, that’s right. The camera phone is 16 years old and a lot has happened in those 16 years. One of the main things that has happened it has put photography into everyone’s hand. Today, everyone thinks they are a photographer. Some of us even think we’re pretty good.

And hey… you might be.

But here is how it relates to weddings. Everyone who goes to a wedding brings their cell phone and of course it’s good etiquette to turn your ringer down, I have rarely been to a wedding where it was interrupted by an inopportune call. But… what we see now is everyone whips out their camera phones to take a picture of the wedding.

Especially when the bride is walking down the isle.

OK, listen up everyone. The bride and groom hired a photographer for the wedding and they were not cheap. This means the bride and groom really want good pictures at their wedding. So that means when they get their pictures back, they want a picture of your smiling face, not you leaning over Uncle Eric trying to take that perfect picture with your Motorola.

Listen, take all of the pictures you want outside on our way in – snap a selfie of you and your date “Alex and Stephanie are tying the knot today woo hoo!”

Once you are inside (or seated) take a few pics of the venue – it’s pretty – why not?

But once the wedding starts… once the photographer begins doing their job, please… out of respect…. put your cell phone away until you’re dismissed. Don’t worry, you can take more pictures at the reception. That’s what the reception is for…. have fun.

Are we good?

Did I hurt anyone’s feelings?

Bride’s make a sign to go out when people arrive, and place a notation in the bulletin just so everyone is on the same page. You won’t make any enemies and you’ll have prettier pictures.

My favorite: “There’s a guy here taking pictures, we asked him to come – so please rest your cameras – our ceremony only needs one.”

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