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Wedding Reception Dinner Prayer












Not always… but sometimes I am asked to stay and bless the food. Not at the rehearsal dinner, but at the actual wedding. Tradition says that there are certain “toasts” at these two dinners, but there are no hard and fast rules about who prays. So on occasion I am asked to stick around until the food is plated to bless it.

I don’t remember where I picked up this prayer. Knowing me, I probably found it in a book somewhere and then modified it to my tastes. Feel free to completely steal it and use it as your own.

Father God, how appropriate that we now gather around the table to break bread, to laugh and to celebrate the love and commitment of [husband] and [wife]. May you bless us as they share this first meal together as husband and wife.

We thank You for giving Your Holy blessing today upon their marriage, and we ask that You continue to bless them with Your love and grace throughout their lives together.

Let this be the first of many loving meals, shared together with their friends and family, each blessed by Your amazing grace.

Now we ask for Your Holy blessing upon this meal – and the hands that prepared it. May we be reminded of the good things we have, for the warm hospitality we share and for this good company.”




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